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Your CompactPCI Manufacturer

Engineering-Lab LLC, is a professional manufacturer of tooling, metal stamping and electronic assembly for telecommunications,medical,test equipment and other industries.

We began developing its series of CompactPCI(cPCI) components and supplying OEM front panels and PMC bezels to customers worldwide. In 2000, Engineering-Lab extended its CompactPCI product mix to include card rack hardware. Beyond its electro-mechanical endeavors, Engineering-Lab rolled out a full line of cPCI enclosures from 1U to 9U in 2003. With vast achievements as a professional engineering group and a variety of configurations within its product family, Engineering-Lab has gone further to provide standardized and custom cPCI platform solutions. Additionally, all of its cPCI products meet PICMG specification, IEEE 1101.10/.11, Eurocard and EMI shielding requirements.

Located in the US, Engineering-Lab has the strength to provide customers with efficient service and very competitive pricing. Growing steadily, Engineering-Lab has been chosen by an increasing number of industry leaders throughout the world as their CompactPCI manufacturer. Choose Engineering-Lab as your CompactPCI partner and gain the flexibility your company needs to maintain a leading edge:

Card Rack Hardware
CompactPCI Chassis and Backplanes
cPCI Front Panel and PMC Bezels

We look forward to becoming your dependable source in the near future. Engineering-Lab will always value the opportunity of being your service provider!