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Test Equipment Repair and Maintenance

We offer return-to-factory flat rate repair services for all out of warranty test equipment. Engineering-Lab can repair most brands of test equipment and general instrumentation. Flat rate pricing speeds turn-around times eliminating 4-5 days from the repair timeline.  Avoiding unnecessary costs associated with getting estimates and approvals enables better pricing for our customers and streamlines the overall repair process creating a  very predictable and reliable repair experience.

The instruments listed below are a sample of what we have a high success rate of repairing. We can also stimulate your business with our expertise and unique savings on test equipment repair and calibration. If you can't wait on a repair, we have deep resources for providing test equipment rentals and we supply refurbished units at the best prices.

-Tunable Laser Source (TLS)     -AC Source     -Digital Multimeters (DMM)     -Calibrators     -Optical Test     -Digital Oscilloscope (DSO)     -Back Reflection Meters    

-Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT)     -Vector Network Analyze     -RF Spectrum Analyzer     -RF Source     -Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA)     -OE Converters

-Digital Communication Analyzer and Plug In Modules (DCA)     -Wavelength Meter     -Rectifiers     -Inverters     -Frequency Changer     -Power Analyzer